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J D Wetherspoon - A mocking post.

Had an e-mail off an old mate who is not to happy with the uber-corporate seller of beer to chavscum. It would appear from his mail that he was a tad miffed at his being told to piss off for having the nerve to complain about a dirty table that was covered in half empty glasses, uncollected dishes from hours before and so he did some mockery.

I having had a few run disagreements with this chain take great pleasure in publishing it.

Improve your immune system:

Attention clean freaks, your making the world too clean. Your immune system is in danger as a result. 

We need contact with harmful bacteria and dirt in order to build up a natural resistance to them.

For this reason JD Wetherspoon chain is proud to be dirty, leave half empty glasses uncollected on tables for hours on end, leave the remains of other peoples meals on plates long after they have gone.

They provide a prime breeding ground and a "healthy range" of bacteria to strenthen your immune system.

Wetherspoons are also proud to announce that they have an extensive range of dust left behind in corners by the Polish cleaners who are paid minimum wage, whilst their poor standards of line cleaning encourages a wide range of bowl moving bacteria.

So give your immune system the boost it needs to remain in tip top condition and visit your local JD Wetherspoon today.

E. coli and vermin infestations also available in certain premises

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I can get in touch with HQ tell me the pub.What happened. G


I can get in touch with HQ tell me the pub.What happened. G

Fidothedog said...

Quite simply we had some abuse off a drunken old chap. Despite asking him to leave, him being escorted away by staff and even speaking at length to a duty manageress the problems persisted.

When he came over and threatened to call his boys to have us "kicked in" yet again, I explained that I was filming for my own protection.

I was told to stop and refused advising that I had a legal right to protect myself.

Then we were barred and asked to leave, oh the drunken old man was the grandad of the duty manageress.

Later we recieved an apology from JD Wetherspoon and despite that when we re-entered the pub we were barred again.