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James Gordon "Cyclops" Brown nearly fucks banking system

Now this shows how inept Gordon Brown is:
Britain was just three hours away from going bust last year after a secret run on the banks, one of Gordon Brown's Ministers has revealed.

City Minister Paul Myners disclosed that on Friday, October 10, the country was 'very close' to a complete banking collapse after 'major depositors' attempted to withdraw their money en masse.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that the Treasury was preparing for the banks to shut their doors to all customers, terminate electronic transfers and even block hole-in-the-wall cash withdrawals.

Only frantic behind-the-scenes efforts averted financial meltdown.

If the moves had failed, Mr Brown would have been forced to announce that the Government was nationalising the entire financial system and guaranteeing all deposits.

But 60-year-old Lord Myners was accused last night of being 'completely irresponsible' for admitting the scale of the crisis while the recession was still deepening and major institutions such as Barclays remain under intense pressure.
No doubt he was accused by New Labour in a poor attempt to cover up the ineptitude of the one eyed unelected leader.

Question is our one eyed leader keeps offering ever more of our money, with less people in work each week, higher debts and more strain on the system will he be able to bail out the banks next time? 

His lack of investment in proper jobs building things, rather than state non-jobs that shuffle paperclips and which are paid from tax revenues is starting to be a problem.

How long, O Cyclops, will you abuse our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end of that unbridled audacity of yours?

Labour & their champagne swilling backers all part of a nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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