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New Labour Lies - Bloated State Waste (post 2) Gordon can not add up.

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Here are some fun filled figures on "Gordonomics" a bit like the economics of Robert Mugabe but more wasteful.

Some figures from a spending review in 2004.

Having added some  500,000 people to public service since 1997, including a whole 100,000 in just 12 months. 

Gordon then announced he would remove 104,150 people by 2007 and save 21.5 billions. 

Yet at the same time he planned to recruit some 360,000 civil servants for "front line" services by 2006.

No mention of those already taken on by himself, or plans to raise legions more time serving penpushers staffing ministries of paperclips. Just think about that having given us half a million beancounters he says he is going to reduce it, all the while planning to create ever more non jobs. So how is he to pay for all this?

He also planned to sell state assets to raise some £30 billions. There is your answer, strip the nation naked and hawk it like a slave on the auction block.

He pledged to save 2.5 per cent by efficency savings, he also claimed this in 1998 stating he planned to save 2.5% each year the same way.

Some six years later the tresury admitted to MP's meaningful measurments of the sucess of its new efficiency or savings had been impossible.

In every prediction by the Treasury of lower administration costs had proved to be wrong. 

Under Gordon Brown costs had always risen a trend that was unlikely to change.

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