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Lucky Mancs could get ID cards first, Jacqui declares

From The Register. Roll up, roll up for your imprisonment and repression. 

Yes you lucky citizens will be first to be stamped by the state into belongings rather than free citizens.

Wacky Jacqui Smith continues to believe her own increasingly insane press releases on ID cards. Yesterday she told the people of Manchester that they might be lucky enough to get their hands on ID cards earlier than the rest of the country.

Get this crap.

Work is underway to identify a number of areas across the UK where British nationals can be among the first to apply for an identity card, the Home Secretary announced when she visited Manchester today.

Further details of plans to introduce the first voluntary identity cards for the general public this autumn were revealed during her visit to meet with young people and the city’s business and community leaders.
At a speech in Manchester Town Hall she emphasised the benefits identity cards will bring for the region and the country and set out the progress made in delivering the cards. Building on a commitment made in November she expanded on plans to make a limited number of the cards available early from this autumn.

According to this slack jawed bint we are desperate to lose our age old freedoms an hand our info over to New Labour fascist cunts who will lose it or hawk it off to the highest bidder, the cunts.
Jacqui Smith says public demand means people will be able to pre-register for an ID card within the next few months.
The cards will be available for all from 2012 but she said: "I regularly have people coming up to me and saying they don't want to wait that long."
The Airline folk are not impressed with Jacqui either as this shows.

Right lets take apart the piss poor repressive arguments used by the big titted bovine faced shallow skank:
  • a universal and simple proof of identity that brings convenience for organisations and individuals – that means an end to the disorganised use of photocopied bank statements, phone bills and birth certificates
But I am quite happy with that system, I have a passport - yes I know you cunts give them out like fucking smarties being doled out by Paul Gadd outside a Vietnamese primary school but that's your fault - I can prove my ID already.
  • the Service will give you control of who can see your personal details – that means an end to revealing details about your finances or personal life just to prove who you are and where you live
You what, listen you dim witted slack jawed yokel of a fucking oaf. I have to pay and give my details to the state, to then show a card issued by the state to employees of the state - just to prove who the fuck I am. Just how cunting stupid are you and whats worse how fucking stupid do you assume we are to buy your shit? 
  • ensuring that foreign nationals living, working and studying here legally are able to easily prove their identity and prevent those here illegally from benefiting from the privileges of Britain is that
Is that why they have those things called passports, again as I said you retarded fuckwit if you managed the passport system properly and did not hand them out to the Abu Hamza's, Omar Bakri's, Afghani plane hijackers an such like we would not need a secondary system.
  • convenient travel in Europe using the identity card.  
Oh and how have we managed so far, oh yes that olde world device the passport. So why should we all pay twice? Oh eat shit and die you cunt.

One can but assume from this that Gordon Brown is not the only fat old smelly cunt in the Labour Party.

Oh but Jacqui our kebab munching, dope smoking Home Sec. has more to say, between chewing the cud she says to the young folk of Wythenshawe, and:
"Together they discussed how identity cards will help young people strike out on their own by opening their first bank account, renting their first flat, or perhaps travelling to Europe for the first time." 
So lets see you yeast infected old ho, open a bank account. Now according to your own rules I just need two forms of ID, in fact a passport or a driving licence both of which have to be paid for are perfectly fine. Oh fucking thank you so fucking much for saying that we are all imbeciles who need state help to do basic stuff like go for a piss.

Rather than let you fuckers loose with more of my soon to be lost data, you Jacqui and your Stasi employees will have to rape my account with fines, then haul me off to a cell with Abu Hamza in fucking Bellmarsh.

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