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More trouble at mill. Strikes and jobcuts in fat Gordon Browns "Cool Britannia"

1,000 jobs to go at London Underground and TfL.

Plus "British jobs for British workers"...not here it seems

A bitter dispute over the use of foreign workers on a multimillion-pound construction project spread to several other sites when police were called to a series of wildcat strikes.

A decision to bring in hundreds of Italian and Portuguese contractors to work on a new £200 million plant at the giant Lindsey Oil Refinery at North Killingholme, North Lincolnshire, led to protests in support of jobs for British workers.

Several hundred demonstrators gathered for a third day outside the plant following a walk-out by contractors on Wednesday, but the unofficial action spread to other parts of the UK, including Scotland and Wales.

Hundreds of workers at the giant Grangemouth oil refinery in Scotland walked out following an early morning meeting. The mechanical contractors, who work for BP and INEOS, said they were supporting their colleagues in Lincolnshire.

Bobby Buirds, a regional officer for the union Unite in Scotland, said the workers at Grangemouth were striking to protect British jobs.

"The argument is not against foreign workers, it's against foreign companies discriminating against British labour. If the job of these mechanical contractors at INEOS finishes and they try and get jobs down south, the jobs are already occupied by foreign labour and their opportunities are decreasing. This is a fight for work. It is a fight for the right to work in our own country. It is not a racist argument at all."

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5 people have spoken:

gonzodoctor said...

Thanks Fido, I thought that you will become a terrorist. But, now you reassure me. Good fight ! Keep on !
PS: I don't know what is the popularity of Brown, but in France, Sarkozy is faced to equal problems

polaris said...

@ gonzo - There is pretty much global unhappiness with the current financial situation - worldwide.

On the strikes - In Scotland we have walk outs in Aberdeen, Longannet (Fife), Cockenzie (East Lothian), Torness (East Lothian), Mossmorran (Fife) - and I hear Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire.

Oldrightie said...

An EU ruled by the people and electorate with the knowledge representatives will be held responsible for failure. Now that I could get to like. Particularly without the leftie nutters on the bandwagon, though!

David said...

The hypocrisy of the socialist unions is breathtaking. Can you imagine their response if a Tory suggested 'British Jobs For British Workers'? They'd be out on strike in solidarity with their European working class comrades.


JPT said...

The left wing pro europe multi cult unions really are in knots over all of this.
As they say 'enjoy'.