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MP's Expenses - New Labour cover up facts to protect their own....

The worthless shower of overpaid shit sorry Government has announced new legislation to revise the way MPs submit and report expenses, it was revealed this week.

The new methods, announced by Commons Leader Harriet Harperson, effectively overturns a High Court decision forcing MPs to publish every receipt.

The excuse has been wheeled out of National Security, protecting the addresses of MP's. Have they not heard of marker pens? 

She also said that "the information would be provided in an affordable and appropriate way". From what I can gather many of the champagne socialist MP's had been crying into their caviar at the thought of the unwashed plebs and proles being able to ask questions on where the money had gone.

This comment was quite amusing, as Harperson said that to "further ensure clarity' in the reporting process, all expenses information would be released without the MP names being linked, to prevent terrorists gaining access to potentially useful information.".......So there you have it, when an MP is looting our tax money on the so called John Lewis list, their might be a slight risk of an Al-Quada member getting a job with John Lewis. 

Thankfully our over paid fat cats, the New Labour champagne socialists will still be able to live the high life as ever more lose their jobs.

I shall ask a question here: If an MP's home address was leaked - by accident of course - would there be any reason then to cover up that MP's expenses. Indeed local councillor names and addresses are readily available, so why should it be any different for MP's?

Here is an idea, knock an e-mail up then pop it across to the fat/lazy/pushy/dim witted/total waste of human skin that is your local MP at writetothem.com and let them know that you are watching and will be kicking up a stink your local fat/lazy/pushy/dim witted/total waste of human skin that is your local MP tries be a cunt an try an hide their expenses.

You can also join a Facebook Group to protest as well.

All New Labour MP's are thieving lying scum, hiding their expense, expense paid for from our taxes. Part of a nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

2 people have spoken:

Dungeekin said...

Despicable, isn't it?

I had a similar pop at the whole sordid thing this morning, once I'd found out some of the 26 reporting categories... *grin*


Fidothedog said...

Yeah amused by some of the categories, although knowing some MP's like Mark Oaten he might actually do that with regard rent boys.