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Recession not in South Ayrshire Council as they travel to Dubai to watch & play golf.

Pic from tractorstats

LEADERS of a council have agreed to spend £15,000 of taxpayers' money attending a golf tournament in Dubai the same week they were criticised for closing a local swimming pool.

Four members of staff at South Ayrshire Council will join its provost and council leader on the trip to the Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament later this month, where they plan to promote the south-west of Scotland as a tourism destination during the Homecoming year.

I am sure that all the local folk who find their services being closed, their jobs going and having to scrimp and save during Gordon's recession will be so impressed at the local champagne swilling socialist councillors.

All New Labour MP's are thieving lying scum, hiding their expense, expense paid for from our taxes. Part of a nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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