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New Labour lies: £370 million to children & charities to buy computers.

Brown claiming that the work ethic had failed under Thatcher set out his welfare to work programme. The "proof" of his commitment to this new era was that over the last 3 years he had handed out £370 million to children & charities to buy computers.

No independent audit verified that expenditure.

3 people have spoken:

Sue said...

Even if Labour did hand out millions to charities, I doubt whether the kids saw much of the money. Gordon Brown lives in a different reality to everyone else, I think he actually believes his own lies. I'm convinced he's truly insane, he'll end his days in a strait jacket

Fidothedog said...

Lynched if there is any justice in this world. Torn apart by a baying mob of irate citizens who all lost their homes.

Houdini said...

The unions got many millions worth of computer equipment as part of their modernisation grant.

And promptly gave that money back to Labour in donations, and as sue says, so what? Where's mine? Yours? My local schools etc. etc. etc. Most went abroad with charities and was swallowed up.