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New Labour - Newspeak as nursery rhyme reworded to remove alcohol references...

Anothetr classic on the New Labour pc loons...

It is a famous sea shanty sung on the way to battle when Britannia ruled the waves.

Handed down from parent to child it has become a nursery rhyme that has amused countless generations.

But now the popular ditty 'What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor' has fallen foul of that most modern artillery - the PC brigade.

The government-funded charity Bookstart, which promotes reading for children around the country, has changed the lyrics to remove any reference to alcohol.

It means the 'drunken sailor' has been transformed into the rather less lyrical 'grumpy pirate'.

'Put him in the brig until he's sober' has been replaced by 'Do a little jig and make him smile', while 'Round with the rum and scotch and whiskey' is 'Tickle him till he starts to giggle'.

The cleaned-up rhyme was made into a songsheet sent to libraries across the UK to encourage children to read.

But parents and the campaign for Real Education reacted with anger, saying that children could be trusted with the original version.

Nick Seaton, of the campaign body, said: 'Changing the words of a much-loved children's nursery rhyme is simply trying to re-write the history and tradition of this country.

4 people have spoken:

TractorStats said...

These PC idiots should be hung from the transporter bridge.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

From what I recall as an infant that little ditty rather put me off the idea of alcohol.

Kippers Dickie said...

When I was at school, some 55 years ago, we used to also sing "Johnny come down to Hilo" a capstan song.
The verse went:-
I nebber see de like since I bin born,
When a big buck nigger wid de sea boots on, Says
"Johnny come down to Hilo.
Poor old man".
Can't see them liking this one.
Shame our history, our past, our better days are disappearing.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, whatever the fuck next?
It's getting beyond a fucking joke!

wv: caning
I shit you not.
Gordoom could certainly do with it

BTW, thanks for using another of my pics. I'm chuffed.