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New Labours Cool Britannia - Nicola Gardner drunk in charge of a pram.

A woman was arrested after she was seen staggering across a road drunk in charge of a double buggy carrying two young children.

Motorists were forced to slow down as Nicola Gardner zig-zagged across a busy road with an open can of Stella lager in the pram.

Fearful that the buggy would topple over with a two-year-old toddler and a four-month old baby inside, some drivers stopped to make sure they were safely on the pavement.

When police arrived at Old Chester Road, Higher Bebington, Wirral, on November 4 last year Gardner did not even know the children's names.

The 37-year-old, from St Anne Street, Birkenhead, was convicted of being drunk in charge of children.

**A typical example of the social underclass that is supported and in return offers support for the local sleze laden Labour MP come election time. 

Sadly the article does not state where she was headed whilst driving the youngsters, my opinion is she was off to the local JD Wetherspoon creche for a days drinking with her mates whilst the offsping are allowed to run riot.

No doubt to be followed by a fight, a curry and some howling into a karaoke machine before taking the kids home.

She will pay the fine no doubt by taking out a DSS crisis loan or selling off some of her chav necklaces on the never never down the local Cash Generator.

Still she will down the local Wetherspoon tomorrow boasting of her arrest to her chavscum mates an complaining about sueing the police for abuse whilst saying how she was "stitched up by the bent filth"...

I do love the line in the article that states "an open can of stella" - oh the class. 
(do take a look at the mail article for a pic of this particular chav beast - fucking no way am I putting her pic up on here. I warn you she is fucking vile...)

2 people have spoken:

All Seeing Eye said...

TheEye has considered the photograph and salutes your decision not to publish.

Fuuuuuuuuucking hell, she must have just been knocked up a couple of times by sailors against a concrete wall outside a shitty nightclub at 4am. There is no way anyone could do her sober or if they had an IQ of more than 40. Or vision.

Fidothedog said...

Right, no way was I putting that skanky chav vermin in.

Bad enough with that fat bloated heart attack to be the PM, still at least when I post his pic I am always mocking the waddling fucker.