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New Labours "Cool Britannia" - pigeon awareness day.

Whilst people lose their jobs, houses get repossesed by the nationalized banks, whilst MP's protect their perks and privilages - we see how councils are wisely spending our cash in these hard fiscal times:

A council’s plan to host 'pigeon-awareness days' has been ridiculed by politicians as something ‘straight from a Monty Python sketch’.

The £10,000 action plan, in a report to Calderdale Council’s health and social care scrutiny panel, includes suggestions for hosting pigeon-awareness days alongside building dovecotes and removing eggs in a bid to get rid of feral pigeons from Brighouse, West Yorks.

The birds swarm through town centres and parks, spreading disease and leaving behind tons of droppings.

But councillor Paul Rogan said he was not in favour of spending money on exterminating them.

He said: ‘There is only one way of eradicating pigeons and that is for people to stop feeding them. You can spend £50,000 on exterminating them and if their food source is still there they will come back.

‘As for 'pigeon awareness' days, words fail me. It is beyond the realms of slapstick humour and could have come straight out of a Monty Python sketch.  

‘Whoever has suggested that must think we have money to burn.’  

Councillor Craig Whittaker said: ‘I think it's nonsense, it's out of cloud cuckoo land. Pigeon awareness days? Absolute nonsense.

‘As for the money being talked about for this scheme, for goodness sake, you could build an extension to your house for that sort of money.’

Some residents from the town agree with the proposed strategy to get rid of the problem and have been backed by councillor Colin Stout, who supports on-the-spot fines for people who feed the birds.

He said: ‘There are more and more of the birds on the streets and the problem has got way out of hand.’  

Gary Blakely, who runs a fish and chip restaurant in the town, said the birds had become so bold they had even dive-bombed his customers.

He said: ‘It has got much worse recently. I've been tempted to chase them off myself but I don't want to be the madman from the chippy running around with a broom over my head.’  

The report is to be voted on at the local authority's next meeting and could be accepted by the end of the month.
Councils I hate them. Inept pen pushing money wasting cunts with index linked pensions. 

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

2 people have spoken:

Watching Them, Watching Us said...

They may be wasting public money, but Calderdale Council are not New Labour:

Current political makeup of the council

Party - Seats

Conservative 21
Liberal Democrat 16
Labour 9
Independent 3
English Democrats Party 1
British National Party 1

Fidothedog said...

Which proves my point on local councils, be the flag above red blue or yellow they are all the same.

Petty minded pen pushers who fill up the town hall with non jobs, waste money, pass petty minded bans and see themselves as important in the local scheme of things.

They are a symptom of the cool Britannia brought in by Blair even if they won't admit that to themselves.

My last line or two expresses my opinion of councillors.