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Victimhood poker: Mona Awad - is it cos I is black.

Yes roll up, roll up for another edition of "Victimhood poker."

Tired? Oppressed? Some one hurt your feelings? Fancy a chance to blag some easy money by bitching about your former employer er I mean bringing a claim for sexual abuse and them having an old boys network, oh an being rascist - can't forget that handy card now can we.

Then lets see how Mona Awad does in the latest edition of "Victimhood Poker"...

Some poor ex-bank manager is suing her previous employer for being sexist, racist, and bloke-ist. Now, I'm not going to get into whether she is right or wrong to have gone off in a huff to m'learned friends, although from what I have read she does seem to be a bit of a wimp.

But I am astounded at the amount her legal eagles are claiming. 16.7 million quid!! For Fuck's Sake, she was on £40,000 a year, so that's 417 years salary plus £20,000 for hurt feelings.
Bloody hell here we go again. Boo fucking hoo! Someone hurt my feelings, that's it I am off to see the legal folk and get me some free money er compensation for hurt feelings.

The woman is working having left her employer an found another job. Yet wants not just £20K but a whole 417 years pay for alleged abuse.
With her claims about abuse I can see she played the non-Christian card.
Plus the Muslim card has been played. Although there is a joker in her hand as she is well off. 

No difference between her bleating and Ali G bleating on about how "Its cos I is black". 

Now she may think that she has a claim and may even have been offended by some comments - if they happened - but and this is the crunch the world is not nice. So she ran into some folk who might have made some comments about her, her religion etc. Well move on I say.

Come on millions for maybe having a five minute cry and having to blow her nose in the ladies? Jesus sorry Sorry Allah wept, but no that is plain wrong.

I just hope that someone in court tells her to stop being a silly girl and to quit snivelling, blow her nose and get on with her life.  Full rules on Victimhood Poker can be found here.

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