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New rare species of frog discovered: Rana cyclops or one eyed frog.

Picture of the Cyclops frog from Tractor stats.

A very rare species of one eyed frog has been discovered. 

Named Rana cyclops after the mythical one eyed monster - the Cyclops - of mythology.

It has also been named the "one eye frog " or mono oculus.

These frogs live for much of their lives a bachelor existence, preferring the company of other male frogs. 

Originally spotted in Scotland, this species has migrated south to London and is now rarely spotted back in its native homeland.

Then suddenly the urge to procreate sends them into a breeding frenzy, when they have to show their offspring off to other frogs at every opportunity. 

Homosexuality is known to be rife among this species although none has yet been caught in the act, but tales of this have been reported in certain publications - see the works of Prof. Levy.

Known for their poor eyesight and lack of depth perception and with a reliance on others to do most of the work for them they live a largely parasitic existence off of other frogs.

When caught taking food out of the mouths of baby frogs these will inevitably blame another frog for this claiming and denying the obvious theft.

Also known for their greed these frogs pile on large amounts of weight, and they are known to react badly when shown pictures of themselves in an overweight state.

Known to like lights these frogs will croak for endless hours in front of a camera, their croak is known to have a very repetitive quality and sends many frogs to sleep; it also appears they like the sound of their own croak. It has been said that the light of cameras can lure the one eyed frog many miles in a short time to croak in front of it, this may account for the occasion sightings at closed factories and in its homeland of Scotland.

Another trait is that when called by other frogs they ignore that and refuse to answer calls unless it agrees with what the one eyed frog is doing.

With their lack of judgement in most things, homosexual tendencies, parasitic existence a cost that eventually has them driven out by other frogs; it is thought that this species is doomed to extinction in the next few years.

2 people have spoken:

Obnoxio The Clown said...

it is thought that this species is doomed to extinction in the next few years.

Hope springs eternal.

Fidothedog said...

Indeed it does. :-)