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A film about fat James Gordon Brown's mistakes.

A little video on one fat James Gordon Brown, a wobbley (in more than one meaning of the word) Prime Minister.

A man who has a dislike for the truth even extends to taking offence at being shown as fat in cartoons

From crisis to crisis is jowls waddle as hie double chins move to the sound of ever more lies coming from his over fed mouth.

Roll on the day we hear on the news that he has had one meal to many and his heart has packed up. Our nation free at last from this mobile blubber bucket, an unfit double chinned buffoon who waddles from crisis to crisis.

Gordon's problem is he thinks that the way to resolve the rapidly deepening economic crisis is via 'stimulus packages' with magic money plucked off the magic printing press.

With the ultimate of getting the banks to lend again and rebuild the very credit bubble and circumstances that landed us in the shit in the first place.

Like holding an alcoholics meeting in the local pub, you get full attendance but they all end up dead.

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