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Paul Flynn - How to contradiction himself in two days.

First up and post number one which he put out yesterday on his webshit, my libel case losing MP Paul Flynn stated re the Lords cash bung story:
No money has changed hands. No wrongdoing has been found. No consummation - only foreplay.
Got that! Nothing to see here, we are all whiter than white - other than Obama that is - and all the sleaze is with the baby eating Tories. 

Yet tonight we get this arse gravy:
The speeches by Lord Snape and Lord Taylor did not help their cause. The recording of the interviews that Lord Taylor gave to the jouranlist posing as a lobbyist is damning.
Oh for fucks sake, the man is a cunting parody of a piss poor MP. Look if you are going to back some dubious fucking peers out to blag a huge wedge of cash at least get the facts right. 

Maybe try waiting until they make some shit statement before commenting. 

Jesus wept, this is the fucking MP that Labour voting sheep have put in the House of Commons. 

Who are these fuckers? Seriously if anyone has ever put an X next to this senile old tossers name mail me - yes I shall call you a moron - but I shall also explain why even if you want to vote for the party you deserve better as an MP.

More on this later...

1 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

New Labour have now reached the nadir of the John Major government, (cash for questions) and still have some sixteen months of their vile dictatorship to run. How much lower can they stoop, one wonders? Is there a basement to their non existent morality?

More opposition arrests perhaps?

Isn't it strange that the one eyed half wit hasn't used police intervention against his own corrupt and loathsome lords?

We'll all know when he's about to go to the Country to begin his campaign for a general election, as at that moment the B.N.P. leadership will be summarily arrested at dawn under some half baked, trumped up charges that are later laughed out of court with the contempt they deserve. - just like last time - oh yeah, - and the time before that.

Is there a pattern beginning to form here one wonders?