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Fat Gordon Brown complains about cartoonists drawing him as a fat lard bucket.

Our PM gutload takes offence at being drawn fat. Here we see him after giving excuses waddling away as fast as he can move his lardy ass.

Gordon Brown today said that he had warned of the current global financial crisis ten years ago.

Well produce a record of that lardy before we believe it. Wonderful thing is hindsight isn't it fatty, wobble those double chins about as much as you like it was you who's poor fiscal policies created this crisis.

Although I think and hope that the next crisis is that of hardening arteries in your heart, clogged up with lots of fat from all the rich food. Still we - if not yourself - live in hope of your imminent collapse and death.

Thank you so much for complaining about cartoonists showing you as a mobile blubber bucket, an unfit double chinned buffoon who waddles from crisis to crisis.

So be assured that in the same way irate muslims were offended by cartoons of Mohammad with bombs and suchlike in his turban you will be mocked without mercy over your blimp like size.

O I do notice your tongue sticking out as you gasp for breath, your over strained heart working double time to move your lard. 

Oh Gordon the mockery has not even started yet...

Gordon's problem is he thinks that the way to resolve the rapidly deepening economic crisis is via 'stimulus packages' with magic money plucked off the magic printing press.

With the ultimate of getting the banks to lend again and rebuild the very credit bubble and circumstances that landed us in the shit in the first place.

Like holding an alcoholics meeting in the local pub, you get full attendance but they all end up dead.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

if the stupid fat cunt doesn't like being called fat,he should go on a diet or take some excercise. Or he could blame his bulging waistline on global events.

The Screech said...

Ho hum...classic piss ripping there mate i can feel a cartoon coming on...

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I'd blame the Global Credit Crisis, or was it Manmade Climate Change ?