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Ryder Cup - In Newport 2010.

Newport is getting the Ryder Cup. Come 2010, lots of golfers and silly trousers will be descending to Newport. The Council has been spending money on the infrastructure of Newport so as to attract inward investment. 

Others might say they have been peeing it up against the wall by the million on daft projects. MP's are looking forward to promoting Newport in the World. Getting a chance to appear on TV with some celebrity golfers and promote themselves.

The Welsh Assembly has also provided a lot of money and many of the building projects are funded by the government of Wales. A small group of jobsworths have thrown more millions into projects that will run over cost, but so long as they get some free tickets through.

Many bodies, quago's, business groups and such like are involved and see this as an important opportunity to promote Newport on the world stage. They are masterbating themselves like monkeys in a zoo at the opportunity to raise prices, make a packet and sell shit to rich Americans and Japanese tourists.

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