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Bankers take some blame. Silence from Gordon Brown....

(Pic from Tractorstats) - Gordon blames the everyone for ignoring the spiraling debt problems here in the UK. Not a mention from him on the subject of banks trading debt or lending to folk who can not pay the banks back.
From the Pravda sorry BBC News site today:
The chairman of one of the world's largest banks has told the BBC that bankers must take some responsibility for the global economic downturn.

Sir Win Bischoff, from Citigroup, said his industry was "partly to blame" and some within it did feel "remorse".
But get this:
He said forthcoming bonuses would be "way down" at his bank, which received a £35bn bailout from the US government
Citigroup lost $10.42 billion (about £7.2bn) between January and September 2008, and plans to cut 52,000 jobs by early this year
Right so lets see if I have this right. The banks both in the US but also in the UK lend squillions to people in the form of personal credit/loans and mortgages that they can not pay back, "bank" on house prices going up forever and play pass the parcel with debt bundled up and sold off to each other.

Add to that the fact that many of the banks like Citigroup had only a certain amount of reserves yet could see not a problem with lending out many times that.

Then when it all falls apart they run cap in hand to governments - who in the case of Gordon & co had been warned for years there was a debt crisis and did sod all - and ask for a hand out.

Now they are happy to take some of the blame! Oh and pay themselves bonuses for being cunts.

We are jokingly refered to as shareholders in the banks, yet despite the billions we have lent them they still fuck over the public at the first chance.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

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