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Stephen Ladyman Labour MP & Champagne socialist cashing in on his former office.

Stephen Ladyboyman was been rather busy. When he was Minister for Transport the DVLA was selling off data to anyone for £2.50.

No not actually stopping that, well he announced a crackdown, the then Transport Minister Stephen Ladyman declared: 'Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of individuals is critical.' 
Now, however, it has been revealed that personal details of hundreds of thousands of motorists continue to be sold to firms that have not undergone rigorous vetting procedures - simply because they make individual applications for the information, bypassing the vetting system.

As if that was not enough when Ladyboyman was still in his ministerial office there was the fiasco of 3 million peoples details going walkabout, they were all candidates for the driving theory test. Still no matter Ladyboyman has his excuse at the ready:
"Given that it looked in no possible way that this data had got into the wrong hands, the sensible thing to do was to wait until we had the results of the investigation.

"This was immediately before the reshuffle and before they could come back to me and tell me the results of their investigation, the reshuffle had taken place and I left office. My assumption was that they would come back and tell the minister who replaced me."
Well thats all right then.

But get his latest jolly:
A former Transport Minister(Ladyboyman) he now works as an adviser to company selling traffic information. He has banned from lobbying by the advisory body on business appointments.  But the Sunday Times reported that he has mentioned his former ministerial position as a way of introducing himself when lobbying.
ITIS Holdings pays Ladyboyman £1000 a month.

Sadly his enthusiasm for the lovely loot offered by sleazey lobbists does not go to supporting Post Offices from closure in Cliffs End. 
In Thanet South, Laura Sandys, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate has condemned the Post Office culling programme that is proposing the closures in South Thanet - Cliffs End, Grange Road in Ramsgate and Bellevue Road in Ramsgate and the village post office of Woodnesborough.

"It cannot be right to close a post office in the small community of Cliffs End that supports the only shop in the village. The residents will have to either get on the bus or get in their car if the community shop does not survive. This will hit the most vulnerable the worst.

“Ironically Cliffs End post office was opened by Dr Ladyman MP to great fanfare. However since then it appears that he has done little to support it. In 2006 in Parliament he voted against the Conservative motion to help save our post offices and has done little to stop the Government’s policies of eroding sub post offices business opportunities.
Add to that his support of ID cards, playing both sides over Post Office closures (much like baby popping Newport MP Jessica Morden) an its another sleazy ex Labour minister using his position to feather his nest for the day when the electorate remove him from office. Heaven forbid he has to work for a living rather than whoring himself for the proverbial 30 pieces of corporate silver.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core. Run by nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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