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J D Wetherspoon - An apology(of sorts) - John Wallace Linton.

Well its only taken someone at JD Wetherspoon the best part of 3 months to get an apology letter on the way to be by e-mail & post. Still better late than never.
The original incident took place in the John Wallace Linton in Newport on 19th Nov 2008.

Now first off in the letter(posted below)J D Wetherspoon do not ask that I take down my clips of the drunken "Grandad" who was referred to as such by the Deputy Manager and from the conversation that night I was given every reason to believe that he was related to the Deputy Manager; so the clips will be staying put on You Tube. 

They do however claim that he was not a relative of the Deputy Manageress.

I do note that one point which Wetherspoon missed in the letter was that of the Deputy attempting to grab/knock the camera out of my hand at one point, still I have been assured that some form of re-fresher training is in hand so maybe that will cover the subject of camera grabbing?

Also it would have been nice if maybe JD Wetherspoon could clarify the rules on filming/photo taking in their premises. After all despite the old man "Grandad" coming back to cause annoyance on several occasions, it was not until we explained that we were filming that a resolution was offered by the Deputy Manager.

Did I say resolution, I apologise. What I meant to say was that we were told to leave despite it being "Grandad" who was causing the trouble that evening. I am however glad that he has been barred from the premises although had the staff been properly trained in the first place not to show favoritism this whole incident could have been avoided. and "Grandad" would still be drinking in there.

Also at one point in the evening it was even stated by us that we would be leaving and we were actually given a free round of drinks as form of apology and told that things would be resolved. 

A case of everyone losing out, expect for the poorly trained Deputy Manager who will be gaining some much needed training that is.
Also no mention of the fact that "Grandad" kept on coming back again and again and again. Not a peep in the letter about the threats of drunken violence from him, his offering two customers outside,

Best of all was when after the Deputy Manager had had to come over for about the sixth time that evening  and in front of her there was a somewhat sozzled threat from Grandad that he was going to get his boys to knock us out!
That aside they have also not requested the facebook page I knocked up be taken down, so that will also be staying put like the You Tube clips until such time as they request them removed.

To finish off I will not be frequenting Wetherspoon pubs from now on, or chav-palaces as they are jokingly known. 

There are a few reasons for this which I have listed below:

This is not the first incident or complaint I have had with the JD Wetherspoon empire so will be voting with my money and supporting local pubs over national McDonald style dispenser's. 

This is not the first instance of threats that I have either recieved or seen in JD Wetherspoon pubs. 

Previously I had cause to complain about how my father was spoken to by a member of staff and this was resolved by a corporate fluff letter.

Oh and it would appear the JD Wetherspoon have had a few vermin problems in the past: here also here and here

But that aside when I fancy some food I would rather my steak be steak than some form of Zebu bushmeat from South Amercia

List of videos re the above complaint that I put up are here

I shall finish with this from The Urban Dictionary which gives this description of Wetherspoons:


A chain of pubs throughouth Britain that act as a magnet for chavs and minors. Invariably centre stage for all fighting due to the lack of entertainment allowing low priced alcohol and thus large concentrations of both men and women that enjoy violence.
Dude, Where's Mickey?

Oh he fancied a fight so he went up to the Wetherspoons"

Very true even if in the incident I have reported the "Grandad" was to beer sozzled and elderly to have done much violence. 


2 people have spoken:

Damon Lord said...

About ten years ago, I had a friend who was a chef at the self-same Chaverspoons in Newport. I say chef; he actually just used to microwave plates of pre-prepared food, and fry chips. If any chips were left over on the plates returned to the kitchen from previous half-eaten meals, he was told to quickly dip them back in the oil, and serve them on the next 'fresh' meal.

Fidothedog said...

Damon, this is just the start re JD bashing, iI still have a load more to say re them.