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Tommy Sheridan - I thought he was dead, or was that wishful thinking.

Upon flicking through the tv channels I see that part time politico from the land of the tundra(Scotland) and part time jailbird Tommy Sheridan has re-emerged like some turd that refuses to flush away.

Still lets not dwell on the past like the swinging parties he doesn't attend or the death threats to people that he doesn't issue, mind he has found his correct level for our Tommy Sheridan has resurfaced on the turd fest that is Big Brother.

Still it must be a change for him to be locked away with social misfits, oh hang on I forgot about his previous when he has been a guest on more than one occasion of Her Majestys penal system.

Mind at least if he gets evicted early from the House he can blame it all on MI5 again.

Still I can but wonder if he will try to get one of the female guests to pop along for a quiet drink after Celeb Big Brother is finished at the Cupids Swingers Club. That would be just for a drink and nothing else, after all would not be wanting any of his mates to be sending death threats now....


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