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New Labour tag pensioners.

This is what the socialists do to the old people when in power: Pensioners to be tagged like criminals.
Older people in care could be tagged as part of new county council plans to save costs in night cover.

Lancashire County Council wants to pilot the electronic monitoring of older people at an extra care sheltered housing scheme.

The report claims it will, along with other data gathering devices, "warn professionals of an unexpected change of an older person's routine."

But the move, which would bring £30,000-a-year in savings until 2011, has brought mixed reactions.

Electronic tags are traditionally used to monitor offenders but their use is being widened. Lancashire's hospitals recently revealed proposals to use them to monitor more vulnerable patients.

Coun Geoff Driver, the Conservative group leader at the county council, said: "There must be absolutely no intrusion on their privacy or self respect. I wouldn't accept tagging.

"If it happened to my relative, I would be round the home with a pair of shears and would be cutting it off."

Mr Driver said: 'We will vigorously oppose it but it's a Labour proposal in a Labour-run council so the likelihood is that it will go ahead.

The council budget report states that electronic monitoring and data-gathering devices would be used to recognise and 'warn professionals of an unexpected change of an older person's routine' during night cover.

If the scheme goes ahead it would be introduced at 'extra care sheltered housing' where frail and vulnerable pensioners have their own apartments under the care of full time wardens and other staff.
The deepening crisis over the care of frail and sick older people has been highlighted by the Daily Mail's Dignity for the Elderly campaign.
This week it emerged that tens of thousands of elderly people in care homes are to be given a spending money increase of just 75p a week.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson announced that they would have no more than £21.90 a week to pay for everything from clothes to toothpaste, books and phone calls - less than prisoners.
A spokesman for Lancashire County Council was not available for comment.
So lets see they plan to tag OAP's in order to save money. The government caps the amount for OAP's to a level below criminals. 

Strange that these self same "socialists" can find ever more money for ID Cards, DNA databases, aid for African despots yet not a penny more for the OAPs. 

I do wonder if the council will be cutting back on junkets and freebies/perks for its employees as part of the cost cutting?

But let us compare the plans of a champagne socialist council to tht to Gordon Browns own weasel words:
And for the first time ever we've got more British pensioners than British children - more people living longer on fixed incomes and worried about whether they'll need long term care. And so we will be the party that will ensure security and dignity for pensioners.
Well if tagging OAP's is ensuring their dignity that makes Gordon, his party and all the scum who vote for Labour nothing more than complete cunts.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

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