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UK - The sick man of Europe in health. Led by a fat PM James Gordon Brown.

Britain the sick man of Europe.
According to a report: England has been exposed as the sick man of Europe, with the highest rates of obesity.

According to the report Brits are the most obese in the Western Europe world, well looking at our overweight waddling PM Gordon it is obvious to see that yet again he is setting an example in how not to do things.

Look at him button on his jacket straining to hold back the rolls of lard, tongue pushed out as he gasps for air. His red face wheezing as he sucks desperate for air.

The damning survey, the Health Profile of England 2008, was published by the Government. It compares the nation's health with the 15 western European countries which were part of the EU before 2004 - the 'EU-15'.

It also compares us with the 12 largely Eastern European countries which joined in that year.

Britain had the worst adult obesity level of all, at 23 per cent - almost twice the level in France, the report said.

Alarmingly, it found the number of seriously overweight people is rising, despite expensive health campaigns. Doctors are also diagnosing more people with diabetes.

If examples come from the top then boy are we in trouble, with a tub of suet pudding like Mr Brown at the nations helm.

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