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Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Ugandan socialist New Labour racist.

Ugandan racist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown seems to have a problem with whitey in the Independent.

Its well worth reading the comments as the majority of people are rather mocking of her views.

She sees the whites here in the UK as self-pitying, well fucking hell we are ruled by champagne swilling socialist scum like her so I think we have some reason there.
She also sees us as bitter, well when liberals like her letting Al Quada chaps like Abu(left) go shopping at Morrisons on benefits we work for then yes we are.

She complains we are fascists, by that I assume that we dare to disagree with her?

Then the term "Wretched" was used, well we have taken in lots of wretched people like her good self when she fled the love offered by Idi Amin.

Some other examples she uses and meanings I have put here:
Vicious = white
racist = we disagree with her.
scum = we disagree with her
bigots = we disagree with her.

Alf Garnettites by which she means she is progressive and we are all wrong in our world view.

She uses the word stupid, as well we are all so in need of the guidance of an upper class socialist Ugandan migrant.
I left this rather sarcastic reply:
Well said, its not racist to blame whitey is it. Oh no any problems then blame the endemic mongrel people.

There is the option of leaving and if she feels that we are a land of Alf Garnets I suggest that Yasmin Alibhai-Brown book her flight back to somewhere like Uganda. 

After all Uganda was oh so tolerant to the Asians under the kind rule of Idi Amin.
Some choice comments of her moonbat view can be found on her wikipedia page:
"at 3.6 degrees on the Alibhai-Brown scale, it sets off a shrill scream that will not stop until you've pulled yourself together with a well-chosen anti-racist slogan"
She referred to blacks in the Tory party as "Uncle Toms", well they are not good socialists like her obviously.

Then there was her claims that that Sire Andrew Green of the pressure group Migrationwatch was “gleeful” that poll results showed that one in four Britons was fearful of the scale of immigration into Britain and that his campaigning had caused this. 

The Independent subsequently issued a full apology to Mr.Green, stating that the allegations were untrue. link

So not just a migrant sticking the knife into the culture of her adopted nation but a liar, a champagne socialist born silver spoon in mouth and so out of touch with the working class as well as a proven liar for publishing untruths as well. 

No wonder she fits in so well with New Labour and the filth on the Labour benches of the House of Commons.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core. Run by nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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