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More New Labour filth: Joe Shaw.

One really has to admire in a way the double standards of New Labour and their supporters, first to point the finger at anyones mistakes yet as quiet as the Catholic Church covering up a pedophile priest when it comes to their own.

The original story was here: link

Now the reason that I am bringing up this particular socialist is that he is up before the courts on even more charges.
A former Wigan Labour councillor is facing amended charges in relation to alleged child porn offences.
Joe Shaw, of Avondale Street, Standish, will face 16 charges of making indecent images of a child and one of possessing an indecent image of child when he appears before Liverpool Crown Court on March 10.

The 42-year-old was originally charged with 16 charges of possessing an indecent image of a child, but these charges were withdrawn by the Crown Prosecution Service with the agreement of the defendant.

Mr Shaw made his second appearance before Wigan Magistrates' Court yesterday and was remanded on conditional bail until his first Crown Court date.
He will face two alleged firearms offences on the same date.

Mr Shaw, who joined Wigan Metro in 2004 and represented Wigan West ward for one term (three years), is alleged to have had a prohibited weapon and ammunition without a certificate.

He was arrested at the Town Hall in Hewlett Street in July 2007 .
The original story is here:Source

I have to have a bit of a chuckle at the lack of media coverage by the pro Labour Pravda sorry BBC and media. I wonder how much coverage this would have been given were it a Tory/Lib Dem/UKip or BNP member up before the justices?...

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core. Run by nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.


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