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Alistair Darling - thieving sockpuppet scumbag.

It would appear that the badger haired sockpuppet of PM Gordon has been helping himself to lots of lovely money from the taxpayers.

So think on that, whilst HMRC dole out fines if the paperwork is late, hunt down every penny they can the man in charge - okay the sockpuppet Gordon wants us to blame- has been thieving from the public.
Alistair Darling's Commons expenses are under scrutiny after it emerged that he has lavished £70,000 on his family home in Edinburgh.

The Chancellor claimed thousands of pounds in taxpayer-funded mortgage payments, household bills and goods by classing the £1.2million townhouse as his ‘second home'.

Before he became Chancellor, Mr Darling claimed that a small London flat - worth only around £150-a-week in rent - was his 'main home'.

Before becoming Chancellor in 2007, Mr Darling lodged with Labour Lord Lewis Moonie in a flat in south London.

Mr Darling, 55, lived at the understated £260,000 property in Lambeth from around 2003 until January 2005. According to Commons rules at the time, Mr Darling listed the flat as his 'main' home.

This enabled him to claim a total of £45,954 on his 'second home' - the family home he bought with his wife Maggie in 1998 for £570,000.

The large imposing building in the heart of Edinburgh’s most desirable areas is now estimated to be worth £1.2million.

Even after the Commons rules changed in 2004, he continued to claim that his flat share in London was his 'main home'.

In 2004/05, he claimed a further £15,341 to spend on his Scottish home. The next financial year he claimed a further £19,436 in second home allowance.

Over a five year period, the Chancellor claimed around £70,000 in second home allowance on his Edinburgh home.

Designating which home is your ‘main’ and ‘second’ residence can allow MPs to claim higher sums in expenses.

If Mr Darling had designated his Edinburgh family home as his main residence, he would only have been able to claim the potentially lucrative second home allowance for the rooms he rented in London.

This could have limited him to claiming only for rent, and the share of any bills.

However, the generous second home allowance — currently set at a tax-free £24,006 a year — can provide much bigger claims on larger, family properties. 

They include the interest on any mortgage repayments, including mortgage interest payments increases on extra loans to pay for improvements or extensions.

They also include utility charges for heat, light and water, council tax, phone bills, maintenance and decoration.
Yet another bastard champagne swilling socialist pig upto his trotters in taxpayer cash.

They get expenses for damn near everything, travel, utilities, food, 2nd homes. Hell you think of it and I am sure that an MP has claimed for it and most likely got it. 

The rest of us have to use our wages to cover all the above, but not these duplicitous fucking cunts.

Worst one I still think is the Home Sec. or rather the 2nd Home Sec. Jacqui Smith, a woman who claims her main home is her sisters place rather than the place she lives(part time according to her) with hubby and kids. 

Still I shall be buying some shares in hemp rope and piano wire, roll on the day we string up the commies in the Commons.


6 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell Fido!
This two faced cash cowing cunt will be sadly mistaken if he thinks that I am going to continue funding the feathering of his filthy fucking fuck nest. 1st, 2nd or otherwise.

Now pin your ears back Darling, you pussydicked duplicitous, dodgy dealing, dipshit . . .

. . . if you want my taxes this year, you can come and fucking get them from me in person whereupon I will gladly rip your fucking head off and shit down your neck before I will oblige.

Man Of The Woods said...

Aye they're all at it.

....notice too the deafening silence from the Tories.

Thieving, lying scum.

Fidothedog said...

Bastards all of them, roll on the piano wire dance for them.

Houdini said...

Let's not also forget the John Lewis list and kitchens etc.

Houdini said...

I would remind those trying to blame all on this that the Tories never claimed to be whiter than white, and certainly did not claim to be socialists or working class; they are capitalists and as such will take what they are entitled to without pontification or accusations to all others like Labour party fucking scum do when it suits them.

Fidothedog said...

Oh the John Lewis list has not been forgotten, again I think of piano wire and nooses tightening around the throats of MP's...