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Jihadivermin pest control. The L115A3

Infested with mad ass jihadists, can't move for the smell of cheesy raghead sandals being thrown at effigys of JW Bush, tired of roadside bombs then you need the L115A3.

British Army snipers call it 'the Silent Assassin' and it is the weapon the Taliban fear the most.

It is the British-made L115A3 Long Range Rifle which, in recent weeks, has killed scores of enemy fighters in Afghanistan.

In a new initiative on the front line, the Army is using sniper platoons to target the Taliban and 'The Long', as the snipers call it, can take out insurgents from a mile away.

Vorsprung durch Technik -advancing through technology. 

2 people have spoken:

The Penguin said...

Personally I'd prefer the 0.5 Light Barrett.

2,000 to 2,500 metres easy, and a bullet the size of a mobile phone.

There are some nice clips on Youtube.

The Penguin

Fidothedog said...

Good stuff, I like the A10 tankbuster as well.