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Avril Doyle - Fine Gael MEP screeches at Vaclav Klaus: Shows herself to be an EU drone.

Now I have a very low opinion of the EU and the worthless, self serving, expense fiddling scum who take part in it. 

A bloated organisation that attacks people who question it, covers up its sleaze to the extent of attacking whistleblowers. A place where they can't even get the most dubious of accountants - and lets face it there are plenty of them - to sign off the accounts.

I shall have to thank Muffledvociferation, for bringing this gem to my attention.

When Czech President Vaclav Klaus made a speech on the EU and freedom, having a proper debate on what the EU and Europe means. 

Our Irish MEP took offence at her beloved Eurorealm being attacked. Just look at her a Soviet style groupthink drone if ever there was one, unable to take a shit unless all the forms have been signed, crosschecked and she has put in an expenses form for bogpaper.

The thought of procedures make her damp, she gets off on her power. Lets face it she has little else going for her. 

The Eu is the perfect place for people like her, look at the useless time servers who have ended up there...Neil Kinnock and one Lord Mandelson.

She was not alone on her attacks.

Many Euro-MPs booed or walked out as the Czech president appealed for a real debate over the meaning of Europe and the European Union. Among those who walked out were the UK Labour party MEP's.

But getting back to Avril, she comes in for special attack for these comments.

Debate is a "recipe for chaos in our corridors", she screeched. WTF? She dislikes debate, well no great surprise there, this is the EU.

"Please ensure that the bureau (the parliament's administration) does not allow it to happen again."

So there you have it, someone calls for the EU to look at itself and MEP's walk out. Then they call for less freedom. 

Klaus also had this from "Socialist" leader Martin Schulz who said the Czech president showed he "has no understanding of democracy or the workings of the European institutions". You see in Eurospeak, democracy is what they decide democracy is, not what we the unwashed masses think it may be.

Plus we had the tool Graham Watson who stated "he fails to appreciate how EU democracy works, nor how the Lisbon treaty would change it for the better." - You see, it is good, it has already been decided that it is good. QED it is good.

Watson described Klaus' claim that those who experienced communism value democracy and freedom more highly as "regrettably arrogant". Maybe Watson secretly gets a boner at the thought of Soviet style EU police hauling people off to camps for "re-education" in correct EU hivethink.

No wonder the one eyed Scottish idiot, the unelected James Gordon Brown likes the EU so much.
Nigel Farage has a few words to say on this.


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Sue said...

She's slapworthy isn't she? :)

Fidothedog said...

Ph yes, very slapworthy.