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Kirsty McRae - fries herself in tanning salon an everyone is to blame..

Stupid teen go's into tanning salon, cooks herself getting burns over 70% her body an seems surprised that spending to long cooking can have an adverse effect on her body.

Shock, horror and fluff BBC report asks how could this happen!

Oh wait! She did not bother reading the warning signs. That's right warning signs on the walls about the dangers of frying ones body and she chose to ignore them. 

Of course all the usual suspects are calling for tighter regulations, more rules, investigations and so on.

The simple point is and I shall highlight this: 

1.you can not legislate for human stupidity. 

If you put your dick near the bacon slicer don't go crying to the media afterwards if you find that your future job is limited to that of a castrato.

What this needs is mockery and lots of it. However our semi cooked 14 year old added 

"But she said there should be more controls on who is using the salons."

Oh really? They are already there, she chose to go in knowing she was underage. Like what? Had there been someone there she would have either a/ lied about her age or b/ shown fake ID and then ignored the rules anyway. See point 1 above.

The cooked teens mother came up with this gem:
She agreed that her daughter was partly responsible for her condition but said there should be much more regulation of the salons.
Partly responsible. No fully resonsible. If you choose a course of action that is your choice. As for regulation well see point 1 above.

Someone watch this girl as she has Darwin Award potential. 

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