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Bank bonuses - A simple answer.

Many of the UK's banks are announcing bonuses for staff shortly:

Now the whole point of bonuses is to reward staff for turning a profit. As these banks have failed in every way to turn a profit and had to be bailed out by the UK taxpayers, should public money be used by failed companies to reward staff that failed completely in their jobs.

The same argument I use to members of the civil service, as taxes have gone up since 1997 and productivity has decreased in proportion to the monies paid out, they as well deserve no bonus on top of their wages.


4 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

The argument from the Government is that if you want the right people then you have to pay, so this will soon be what banks will say, and rightly so if the useless fuckers in Parliament can do it.

And they will scrap bonuses too and just give allowances, and why not?

We might not like it, but over decades these people have made tens or hundreds of billions for the country in tax and various revenue, unlike the thick twats running the country,

Fidothedog said...

I have no problem with banks giving a bonus if that is a private company, even if its losing money and wants to retain staff.

However they failed, in failing they took public money and therefore they should not have those bonuses paid to them.

Houdini said...

they took public money...

No, they were given public money, and that is the difference. If they had asked for it then I'd be 100% behind you, but Labour offered it in hope of saving their skin. If they offered it to me I would take it.

Fidothedog said...

Either way its a case of taking the piss, they get rewarded for a piss poor job.