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More champagne socialist New Labour sleaze: Jacqui Smith Home Sec & expenses fiddler.

Well news has broken of an expenses fiddle involving the pea brained, dope smoking, kebab eating, bovine faced, slack jawed, fat arsed Home Sec. one Jacqui Smith.

Ms Smith said she had done nothing wrong by claiming taxpayer-funded allowances for a London house while living with her sister.
She said she had "fully abided" by the rules by designating her sister's house as her "main" residence.
That allowed her to claim payments on the Redditch constituency home she shares with her husband and children.
But the chief executive of the Taxpayers' Alliance, Matthew Elliott labelled the application "morally questionable".
"Now that Parliament's reputation has been tarnished so much, it is up to senior ministers to be whiter than white. Jacqui Smith has not done this," he said.

The Mail on Sunday said Ms Smith had claimed more than £116,000 over several years.
MPs are entitled to collect up to £24,006 a year from the tax-free Additional Costs Allowance, including costs such as mortgage interest and fuel bills.

Under the rules, the main residence is where the MP "spends more nights than any other".

But recent guidelines said "value for money" for the taxpayer could be used as a factor if there was doubt which home that was.
Going with the job as Home Sec was a grace and favour home offered to her, had she taken that she would not have been able to claim her 2nd home allowance. 

A case of keeping it in the champagne socialist swilling family.
No spreading the wealth to the plebs an proles here, instead she demonstrates that she is as evil typical New Labour filth MP, living high on the hog whilst families struggle under her parties taxes.

With all that money she can afford to pay for her own private security when going for a late night kebab.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I think we need a military coup.

Fidothedog said...

Yep and Jacqui will be easy to spot, she will at the local kebab shop comfort eating more fat onto her saggy arse, due to be inept and hated by the populace.