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British jobs for anyone but the Brits: Doddery old MP Paul Flynn adds his 2p worth.

Just a quick note on this but it would appear that all the Labour MP's are jumping on the defend the fat bloated one eyed PM in his doublespeak. 

Even my local MP on his webshyte has had a go, missing the main point - as this decrepit oaf of an MP often does - that it is about jobs going to outsiders in a recession. 

That it is about jobs not being offered to unemployed workers over here.

That it is about our PM saying one thing and then spinning his weasel words to mean something, anything else.

Still whatever Paul Flynn MP(old fossil left) says is of little worth as when he was sued for libel - and lost - he showed the World he was a liar and his word had no worth what so ever.

Still the hypocrisy of MP's knows no bounds, with his cushy wage, an index linked pension and over £100K a year in expenses he no longer has to worry about the needs of working folk.

Watch Labour attempt to hype up other stories and bury this, they have experience of doing this being famously caught out with the infamous comment by Jo Moore that 9/11 was "a good day to "bury" bad news."

Champagne socialists in New Labour always show their nature. 

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