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Carol Thatcher - non story about Golliwogs.

So called offensive comment made blah blah blah, non story blah blah blah.

BBC thinks she should apologise. 

Thankfully she has not caved into the pc thought/speach police.

The journalist daughter of Baroness Thatcher, the former Prime Minister, is understood to have refused a request from the BBC to offer an unconditional apology for her comment.

She used the word during a conversation about the Australian Open tennis tournament in the green room after the programme last Thursday while having a drink with Adrian Chiles, the presenter. It is understood to have been a reference to a player in the men’s competition.

Everyone and his dog will be interviewed to drag this story out.

No doubt many old corrupt champagne socialist Labour MP's will be getting their first erection in many a year at the thought of attacking Mrs Thatcher, even if it is through her daughter. 

Some of them might not even need a little pill to help matters along.

It has been brought to my attention - see comments - about the attitude of the commie sorry impartial BBC with regards this. They come down on her a lot harder than they did on that worthless grinning cuntbubble Jonathan Ross. That said the BBC is filled to the fucking rafters with tofu eating commies who would die if they ever had to do a proper days work.

If the cunts at the BBC want to complain and think I am being to hard on them, attempt to deny bias etc then maybe they should release the Balen report. 

The ibertarianalliance has a good bit on that.

Should the BBC have sacked Carol Thatcher because she said in a private conversation that someone looked like a golliwog? No, says Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance. Jo Brand was investigated by the police for allegedly inciting violence on BBC 1 against her political opponents. Carol Thatcher used a word. One gets the sack, the other the BBC’s unconditional support. But, then, Jo Brand is part of the New Labour Establishment. Carol Thatcher is the daughter of a Prime Minister who still makes the ruling class shudder.

**I would also add that Jo Brand is also unfunny, oh lets post dog shit at BNP members. Laugh well no. Right up there with Jo calling for book burning, shoving Jews into ovens and so on.


7 people have spoken:

Oliver said...

Childs is a moronic oaf and the bbc are even worse.
Why are you using a more moderated language now?

Henry North London said...

You nicked that golly off my blog because it says golliwog flipped

Perhaps you'd be so kind as to link to my post aswell?


Fidothedog said...

Consider it done, knew I picked the pic up from somewhere but damned if I could remember from where.

John said...

As someone pointed out on TV over the last few days, Jonathan Ross keeps his job for multiple indiscretions on-air and Carole Thatcher is fired for something said off-air in a private conversation.

Now I'm no fan of Carole and don't even get me started on Maggie, but double standards look to be getting applied here!!

Fidothedog said...

John there is a very simple answer to that.

The BBC hated her mother, from start to finish.

Woss is a worthless lefty cuntbubble who I hate with a fucking passion, so he gets a slap whilst Carol is hauled over the coals.

Might be worth asking the BBC if they are ever going to release the Balen report into bias against Israel any time soon, as they are so impartial.

Henry North London said...

Thanks Fido

Youre the best

Ive had 200 plus hits today because of that post and Im truly amazed...

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Good to see the righteous turning on each other.