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Dumb drug dealer Andrew Law texts police to get drugs back.

A sure sign that education levels really have sunk in this nation:

Amusing story of stupidity from The Daily Mail.
A drug dealer gave himself away in text messages demanding his heroin and crack cocaine back - not realising he had texted the police.

Andrew Law thought he had got away after fleeing a police officer and dumping the jacket containing the drugs and his mobile phone.

The next day he frantically tried to get his £1,400 stash back by sending texts to his own phone, assuming that his jacket had been found by the owner of the garden he had dumped it in.

But in fact the jacket, drugs and phone were all in the hands of the police - and Law's increasingly threatening and expletive-filled texts went straight to detectives.

Officers watched as the texts asked first for the jacket to be returned, then referred to 'stuff' in the pockets.

Finally his messages spelt out exactly what he wanted - and what he would do if he did not get it.

Gloucester crown court heard that police worked out who was sending the texts, went to Law's home and arrested him in possession of the phone which had sent the messages.

Law, 23, of no fixed address, was jailed for six years after he admitted five offences of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply as well as four charges of supplying drugs.

Derek Ryder, prosecuting, said a suspicious constable chased Law in Gloucester Park on 31 August last year, but lost sight of him.

The dumped jacket and its contents were found the next day by a maintenance man, who handed them to police.

The text messages started to pop up on Law's phone on the morning of 1 September.

'They showed the desperate attempts he was making to try to get his jacket back with the drugs in it,' said Mr Ryder.
So stupid I bet he votes Labour.

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