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More from the socialist paradise that is Gordon Brown's "Cool Britannia"

Mother of child father in court for letting him play truant.
The mother of underage father Alfie Patten is due to appear in court next week for failing to ensure the 13-year-old attends school, it has emerged.

Nicola Patten, 43, is facing charges relating to a five-month period last year when he failed to attend regularly Willingdon Community School.

A source close to the school said: 'We don't see Alfie at school that often. He plays truant a lot.'

The council started court proceedings against Mrs Patten under the Education Act and as a result she could be fined.
She should have ensured that he did not engage in playing doctors and nurses with his girlfriend!

When father-of-three Peter Drummond discovered that a drug dealer had sold heroin to a member of his family he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He stormed into pusher John Nellies' home and confronted him - before flushing the dealer's heroin down the toilet.

But yesterday it was Drummond - not Nellies - who found himself in court.
Remember Labour are tough on crime, not criminals but people who defend themselves, don't pay the telly tax or who photograph police, thought crimes etc etc.

Former secret squirrel says Labour are creating a police state.
A former spy chief last night accused Labour of turning Britain into a 'police state' by cynically exploiting the public's fear of terrorism.

Dame Stella Rimington, the first female head of MI5, warned the Government was playing into the hands of extremists by eroding our civil liberties.

The extraordinary attack adds to growing concern over how ancient freedoms have been relentlessly undermined by draconian new laws.

Dame Stella said: 'It would be better that the Government recognised that there are risks, rather than frightening people in order to be able to pass laws which restrict civil liberties - precisely one of the objects of terrorism: that we live in fear and under a police state.'
A convicted killer has boasted on Facebook that being in jail is like being on holiday.
Ashley Graham even put up a picture of himself on the social networking website ‘relaxing’ in his cell.

The 27-year-old is serving life at HMP Lindholme in South Yorkshire for stabbing a man through the heart.

But he manages to access Facebook every day by using a mobile phone that was smuggled in to the jail. 

The killer's boasts are likely to reignite claims that prisoners enjoy an easy life in Britain's jails.

Fuckers should be fifty to a cell, let out just to eat and chained in fucking leg-irons - except for Boy George as he would like that.

Ministers boast that the UK Border Agency removes a failed asylum seeker, illegal immigrant or foreign criminal every eight minutes.
That is based on more than 63,000 people who had no right to stay in the UK and were removed or left in 2007, the most recent figures.
But almost half of those were turned back at a port of entry and one in ten left voluntary.
The Daily Telegraph can also disclose that up to a quarter of a million failed asylum seekers who should have been removed under Labour are still here.
Figures slipped out to MPs in a parliamentary written answer show in 2007 some 63,365 people were removed, left voluntarily or took advantage of the assisted returns packages.
As a result ministers continually defend the work of the UK Border Agency by claiming it removes someone every eight minutes.
But 31,145 – or 49 per cent - of those were refused at a port of entry, either here or at points abroad, and never officially entered the UK.
A further 6,885 – 11 per cent – were in the UK but left of their own accord without informing the immigration authorities.
An Government wonders why we the public believe not a word they tell us.

Courses in tanning are worth the same in school league tables as A-level maths papers, it emerged yesterday.

Ministers have relaxed the rules to allow schools and colleges to count a host of practical qualifications towards their league rankings, alongside GCSEs and A-levels.

It has led to courses in cake decoration, pottery and flower-arranging also being given an equivalent value to traditional qualifications.

But exam watchdog Ofqual has expressed concern over whether self-tanning courses should be equivalent to A-level units.

'We begin to wonder whether it really stands up against A-level maths,' said Isabel Nisbet, Ofqual's acting chief executive. 

A merit in an ITEC diploma in 'tanning treatments' is worth 45 points in school league tables - the same as an A grade in one of the six units that make up an A-level.

The 72-hour course teaches students aged 16 and over to operate sunbeds and apply fake tan without streaks and stripes.

It has been awarded a 'level three' status in the qualifications database - the designated A-level standard.
No they are fucking makework courses so that stats boxes can be ticked in the polyversities, to reflect good news onto government. Tanning is not the same as real work.

More fuckwittery from the loony lefties who run the UK tomorrow...

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