The National Debt Clock.

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Fall guy for UK economic woes discovered.

Like dude, we just give lots of money to people who help us man. It's like sooo cool.

Yeah man relax it ain't like any one will find out.

Oh house prices are as high as me dude, so people can like you know, use them as a cashpoint for shit.

Its going to go on on like forever. 

I mean fucking unstopable, house prices will never crash. 

An like we just er, take people on in government non jobs. Its perfect dude, they will all earn money an fuck it just raise a few billion in speeding fines to like cover it man.

Yeah chill man I like get the plan, The Gordo tells me what to say an I just like lay it on down. 

An, an er, oh yeah like talk talk real tough on crime but like lay off the dope crimes man. Seriously Jacqui thinks that just so square.

Hat tip to Dazed-and Confused for the pic.

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