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Carol Thatcher - non story about Golliwogs (post 2)

So Pravda sorry the impartial BBC have sacked Carol Thatcher.

Good on her for not caving in to demands for her to apologise. 

A person has still(just) even under the Zanu New Labour government a right of free speech and free expression.

Although obviously not at the BBC.

So someone was "offended" well in my book that's tough shit. It happens, fucking move on.

The lefties and assorted commies at the BBC must be fuming into their frothy coffees and chattering about how she "is a BNP member" over their tofu this morning. The sheer annoyance that they could not get the daughter of the evil baby eating Thatcher must really be sticking in their collective throats.

The thought of their annoyance cheers me up no end.

**I thought of posting a golliwog as a pic, but figured a picture of a cat that looks like sockpuppet Chancellor Alistair Darling would be funnier.

2 people have spoken:

Dungeekin said...

Given the latest news in the Sun, it appears HM the Queen is to be sacked for racism as well.

Remember, kids - racism is only allowed if you're a highly-paid BBC Radio DJ.


Oldrightie said...

Or if you support Labournazis. Racism is fine against "whitey".