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Glenrothes by-election registers go "missing" - Gordon Brown does Mugabeomics.

Now this tale about the Glenrothes by-election seems more than a tad suspicious.

There is a higher than expected turnout, somehow Labour won it by 6000 votes and yet the electoral registers have gone walk about. From BBC Pravda
The SNP has called for an inquiry after it emerged marked electoral registers for the Glenrothes by-election were lost by the courts.
The registers, which are the only record of who voted in the Westminster election, must be kept for a year.
Tricia Marwick, Nationalist MSP for Central Fife, said the blunder was "beyond belief".
Labour comfortably saw off an SNP challenge to hold the Glenrothes seat, in Fife.
The Scottish Court Service described the incident as "deeply regrettable".
Fife Council said it had a receipt proving the authority handed the electoral registers over to the sheriff clerk at Kirkcaldy.
Ms Marwick called for an independent inquiry, adding: "It is almost beyond belief that a by-election which attracted media coverage throughout the UK, which delivered such a surprise result and had a much higher turnout than anticipated, now has no records to show who actually voted."

They describe it as deeply regretable, well how about we have a new by-election overseen by UN officials like they do in darkest Africa and 3rd World dusty toilet nations? If the officials "lose" the records in the finest tradition of Bob Mugabe then fuck them, lets scrap the election as void and redo it from scratch.

I love this comment on the BBC site:
 The ballot papers were counted fair and square in front of the eyes of the world 
Said a spokesman for Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF sorry Scottish Labour.

Well that is as fucking maybe but if papers go missing then some one needs to be held to account, elections need to be seen as honest and transparent with evidence to back that up. 

After all Labour are all in favour of exporting democracy to Iraq, Afghanistan and other places, yet "lose the papers" with elections over here? 

Still best not kick up a stink after all look what happened to Dr David Kelly when he refused to follow the party line...

3 people have spoken:

scunnert said...

"The ballot papers were counted fair and square in front of the eyes of the world."

Aye - but who did all that postal voting is the question? Ten times what that constituency normally gets - smells as bad as a ten day old fish.

Dazed and Confused said...

I remember the night of Glenrothes oh so clearly. At the close of the polls at Ten P.M. the result was apparently a for gone conclusion.
The bookies had the S.N.P. at 1-3 on to prevail, New Labour were 7-2 no hopers, and the BBC were utterly suicidal in their tone.

Fast forward a mere two hours and all of a sudden the BBC started to arrogantly call the result as an easy New Labour victory - some two and a half hours before the result was announced. As I recall the odious Mandleson had just returned to the fold at that time as well.

I wonder how many people who didn't bother to vote that night may have found their "X" next to the New Labour M.P., if they had investigated? - How on earth did New Labour go from no hopers to easy winners, when no poll taken in Glenrothes ever eluded to such a result? - No wonder they've got shot of the ballet papers, Mugabe Brown indeed.

James D said...

"The ballot papers were counted fair and square in front of the eyes of the world."

They were in the Birmingham "banana republic" too. It was the business in the warehouse beforehand that the judge took exception to. And he did not simply hold the six councillors who benefited responsible: he pinned the blame firmly on the Birmingham Labour Party.

Looking back, it is shocking that:
1) Sir Albert Bore, the leader of the Birmingham Labour Party, failed to resign
2) The national Labour Party failed to sack Sir Albert or suspend its Birmingham branch

Given this history of winking at electoral fraud, I would not be surprised if there were a warehouse in Glenrothes too.