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Fat PM Gordon "cyclops" Brown flies Union flag upside down.

Hat tip to the Croydonian

Well who would have guessed it? Our lardy PM, a man who according to reports wet himself after a grilling is unable to tell if his own flag is upside down.

He blathers on about "Britishness" all the while refusing to allow British fair play on a vote over Europe.

Talks of British jobs for British jobs whilst showing un-British behaviour by weaseling out of what he said.

All the while bowing and scraping before some eastern dictator for a bit of spare change, so no sign of British spirit there.

No one on his staff noticed this either, maybe they have all been wanking like monkeys over that piss poor blue EU rag and fail to remember their own nations flag?

Although as a fat one eyed barbarian from Scotland it is hardly a surprise he failed to spot the mistake on a flag he hates.

4 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

Old one eye wont have noticed that the flag was upside down because it's hardly a emblem that fills him with either interest or pride.

Loathing perhaps!

It may well have come to pass that Gordon had forgotten that the Union Jack was seen to represent himself and his god forsaken government.

But then show him large a red flag with a hammer and sickle upon it and he'll go all weak at the knees.

Sue said...

That's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

At least the one-eyed cunt of high body mass index wasn't flying the rainbow flag.

Anonymous said...

The flag was probably made in China anyway?