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Gordon Brown's "Cool Britannia"

A railway station has banned kissing after bosses claimed commuters were being delayed by passionate embraces.

Managers put up a ‘No Kissing’ sign, showing two pecking silhouettes within a circle and a red line through them.

It means that romantic farewells, like the one immortalised by Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson in the classic film Brief Encounter, will no longer be seen.
Jobsworths send out string. Waste £700,000 on shit.
To many, it may sound like money for old rope.

In a bid to cut deaths, a Government agency is spending almost £700,000 to send out pieces of green twine to farmers to help them 'come home safe'.

The Health and Safety Executive is asking rural workers to tie the 'promise knots' to a farmyard gate or a lever in their tractor as a reminder of the dangers of their work.

But while the scheme has received the support of farmers' union NFU, many working the land have not been impressed.
Unelected one eyed Scottish idiot and trouser pissing snob gobbler shows yet again he is a cunt.
Gordon Brown was accused yesterday of trying to block David Cameron from attending a Downing Street dinner to mark the unveiling of a portrait of Margaret Thatcher.

Baroness Thatcher had put the Tory leader's name on a guest list for the event, which will be hosted by the Prime Minister later this month.

But her office was astonished to discover that Mr Cameron's name had been struck off.
Police tied up with paperwork, thats what happens when Labour put 3000+ new laws on the books in just 12 years.
Police are spending ever more time on paperwork and even less time on the beat despite repeated promises by ministers to slash red tape, it has emerged.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will today unveil her latest initiative to reduce bureaucracy for officers with a pledge that it will save 260,000 police hours each year.

But figures show the shambles of red tape wasting an estimated seven million police hours every year is getting worse.

The percentage of time spent on paperwork has risen from 18.4 per cent of all officer time in 2005 to 19.7 per cent in 2007.
After all according to the one eyed Scottish idiot paperwork comes first.

It was supposed to be one of John Prescott’s flagship new towns designed to ease Britain’s housing crisis, creating homes for 10,000 people, with its own schools, shopping centre, library and sports centre.

But because of planning delays and the economic crisis, only a handful of houses have been built and just three people have moved in.

One thing it does have, though, is a headteacher who is being paid about £60,000 a year to run a school with no buildings and no pupils.

Susan Vint was hired last month to take charge of Lakeview Lower School in The Wixams, a 750-acre new-town development near Bedford.

But Bedfordshire County Council, which had hoped the school would be built by June this year, admits it still has not chosen a firm to build it or even started the three-month process to choose a suitable construction company.
Yet more waste from the bottling snotgobbler Gordon Brown.

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Oldrightie said...

Surely gay kissing can't be banned? 'Uman rights and all that!

Nora said...

This man is unbelievable. Maybe as we have Zapatero here, I always thought the rest of Europe was more serious.

Gordon Brown (and the Obamamessiah) reminds me idiocy and studipity are, in fact, global illnesses...

Fidothedog said...

Nora they may be an illness, I wish that were the case as it would mean that Brown was a terminal case.