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Mass photography protest - 11 am Monday 16th February 2009, Metropolitan Police HQ, New Scotland Yard

So it is now in effect illegal to take a photo of an agent of the communist New Labour state. 

Fuck this is strange, whilst folk in the former East Germany are free we are ruled by commies who get a hard on at the mention of the Stasi.

Monday 16rh February 2009, from 11am

Location Map - Broadway, London, SW1

Nearest Tube Station is St. James's Park

Remember, that, very sneakily, New Scotland Yard is just within the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 ss 132 -138 Designated Area around Parliament Square (see the ParliamentProtest.org.uk blog for details), and so the Metroplitan Police may attempt to arrest people, or to impose arbitrary Conditions etc.

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If you voted for this shower of shit the last time, then you are a sheep who either cares not about their freedoms or lacks the intellect to realise what the scum were doing; either way it is partly your fault.

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