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Happy Birthday - James Gordon Brown PM.

The fat stuffed like a foie gras goose PM, is 58 today. I shall wish him a Happy Birthday.

A big Happy Birthday from all the folk who have seen the value of their shares nosedive, who have been laid off, who have seen the value of the pound in their pocket crash. 

From all who see ever more of their paychecks vanish into the pockets of the state, from those who wanted a vote on Europe, from those who feel free speech is threatened, from those who have no confidence in the banks.

From small business people who can not now get credit from the banks you bailed out with their tax monies, from the terrorist state of Iceland who you used terror laws against.

From the struggling pub trade crushed by petty rules, over regulation and taxes - I am sure they will be hoisting a glass to you before the bailiffs come to foreclose on them.

A Happy Birthday from the head of Starbucks no doubt slated by Lord Mandelsnake, from McDonalds that has a better credit rating than the UK, from Woolworths, well from the laid off staff at Woolworths.

From the people of India who were so impressed with the boy child Miliband on his recent visit, from Sri Lanka who vetoed Des Browne.

From all of those who have fallen fowl of the 3000+ bits of legalese added to the statute books since you lot took power, from all those placed into non jobs working for the state - jobs we have to fund through taxes.

From all those robbed, attacked and who are the victims of rising crime, from the criminals freed early if they ever get sent to prison. From the jihadists, pikeys rising and social underclass funded by the state.

From all those who have lost their homes, oh I am sure they really will be thanking you. From the EU, the Germans, The French, the IMF and so many others who consider you economic policies to be a joke.

Yes we salute you the one eyed Scottish idiot, the alledged trouser pisser and snot gobbling PM, the moody phone smashing, yelling at staff and sulking PM of what was once Great Britain. A paranoid loon who eats like a pig whilst complaining about cartoonists showing him as fat.

From a nation in hock to the tune of trillions, we all thank you.

We are and will forever be in your debt.

5 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Hear hear!!Quite frankly, the slug that is sliding it's way across my steps, could do a better job at running the country! And it is he who is getting the cake I baked!!

Dazed and Confused said...

Iv just gone out and bought our esteemed leader a present.

High quality piano wire, which I hope to present him with very soon when somebody is kind enough to donate to me a lamp post.

Fidothedog said...

Dazed I would be quite happy to supply one care of a few pikeys who would cut it down for me.

Anonymous said...

I hope the brownfingered fat fuck gets the shits from eating all that luxurious, over rich food that he will be gorging himself on at the tax payers expense.

I hope he chokes on Lord Meddlesome's 'birthday surprise' sufficiently enough to prevent him reaching his next birthday.

Fidothedog said...

Grumpy I agree, I just wish a sharp object or raging mob with lampost and piano wire would remove him..