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Moazzam Begg from the Tipton Taliban & Binyam Mohamed.

Terrorist cunt Moazzam Begg has crawled out from under his jihadist rock to slate the infidel on the BBC.

Of course this was all related to his fellow jihadist cunt Binyam Mohamed, another lying evil sack of shit who New Labour are fawning over.

So he shall be getting a full military band with red carpet. No doubt a raft of translators and advisors from the DSS to find him a place to live and speed through his benefits claims.

As I said before here
Binyam Mohammed was an illegal migrant, an asylum seeker who was never granted citizenship.

He worked for a while as a janitor and then went to Pakistan 'to resolve some personal issues'. In other words to train to be a terrorist.

So he is an Ethiopian citizen who lived here once upon a time, then went to Pakistan where he was arrested. Quite what the hell has this barbarian got to do with the UK? In short fuck all, let Pakistan take him or Ethiopia for that matter.
I also said this:
Whats the odds some swivel eyed media cunt is already planning a movie about how US nazi's took flamethrowers to his testicles, made him eat Korans and pork sandwiches or somesuch. A bit like the fucking dire porkie fest "Road to Guantanamo" by terrorist huggers Michael Winterbottom & Mat Whitecross on the fun & games by the Tipton Taliban)
It would appear that the commies at The BBC have started that ball rolling already.

I covered the worthless jihadist traitor Begg before

Even before his hols to various islamist fuckhole toilet nations he had come to the attention of the UK police:
He was arrested in 1994 on benefits fraud, a minor thing but worhy of mention as this is just the start of his career of skirting the law. Although this charge was dropped the police on a search of his home found a bullet proof vest, night vision goggles and of course islamist material. But wait all this can be explained away, you see his family insist that he was collecting such items as a hobby. Ahhh! Right
Of course a young chap from the midlands needs to cut loose once in a while, get away from the daily grind and our Moazzam is no different to you and me. Well other than his holiday resorts include Afghanistan and Bosnia and attempted to travel to the delightful holiday nation of Chechnya, oh and fully acknowledges giving financial support for Muslim combatants, but insists that he never took a combat role for himself.

The Taliban scum:

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Note the new mantra, resident. So if some piece of shit from anywhere in the world is on a stopover in London and gets nicked. Hey, he's resident here, let him go! Bloody hell, what a mess.

Fidothedog said...

Yep, helps if you hijack a plane an point a gun at the pilot. Then you end up working at a certain London(istan) airport as a security guard.

Anonymous said...


Binnie went to the opium centre of the world to kick his habit.

What's so strange about that?