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Harriet Harman & lap dancing clubs.

Miss Harman told a trade union conference she wants to end "unfair pay and discrimination" in the City.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission will conduct an inquiry into alleged unfair treatment of women in the financial sector. That investigation will look into issues including visits to lap-dancing and other strip clubs.

According to the Government Equalities Office, which Miss Harman oversees, the use of lap-dancing clubs is a sign of "discrimination and harassment" in the banking sector.

"There are numerous cases of sex discrimination and harassment in the finance industry, including evidence of the use of lap-dancing clubs for corporate entertainment," the office said.
In her speech, Miss Harman linked the City's bonus culture with sexism

She said: "Huge bonuses for city bosses are not the only thing wrong with pay in the financial services industry. They are also top of the list for treating women employees unfairly. The "gender pay gap" in financial services is worse than in manufacturing, retail, or any other sector."

Women in banks are paid, on average, 40 per cent less than men, she said. In the workforce as a whole, the gender gap in pay is 22.6 per cent.

Saying that the boards of City banks are "still mostly a no-go area for women," Miss Harman said: "We need a real overhaul of the pay and prospects of women in the city. "

Still best focus on that rather than ask questions of Mr Harman one Jack Dromey, who as Treasurer of the Labour Party was burying the evidence of Loans For Peerages deeper than Jimmy Hoffer, whilst denying all knowledge of slush fund cash from David Abrahams which was illegal.

I am sure the few remaining bankers who have not been laid off, seen the shares they have in their banks turn into shit and who are still rich enough to watch some titty wobbling in the hand shandy club really care not a flying fuck what Harperson thinks.

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