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New Labour - Adair Turner eco loon and New Labour cuntmonkey.

New Labour plan to restrict our right to travel.
The UK's so-called "environment czar" last week raised the possibility of rationing air travel, limiting UK citizens to just a few vacation trips abroad by air per year in order to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide emissions.
Adair Turner, chairman of the independent Committee on Climate Change that advises UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, made the proposal before Parliament's Environmental Audit Select Committee on Feb. 5. In remarks widely reported by UK media, Turner said, "We will have to constrain demand in an absolute sense with people not allowed to make as many journeys as they could in an unconstrained manner."

The proposal was strongly condemned by FlyingMatters, a UK-based coalition of airlines, airports, aerospace manufacturers and other aviation- and tourism-related groups. "One always suspects with these half-baked proposals that the people who put them forward really intend them to apply to ordinary people, many of whom have only recently gained access to air travel, rather than to themselves," the organization said in a statement.

Turner's remarks came as a report from the TaxPayers' Alliance revealed that the UK government spent £18.5 million ($26.9 million) on flights last year, a figure that does not include travel by the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence, according the Daily Mirror.
So we will end up with a new class of social engineers, a New Labour Soviet elite who being far more important than us will be allowed to fly, whilst the rest are subject to ever more taxes and have to get their chits signed by a pen pusher at the ministry of paperclips.

Plus of course every other government department leaps on the gravy train to nanny us on saving the Peruvian whelk by not travelling, advising us to eat properly on the trip, nag us about our carbon arseprint. Oh and limit the number of drinks we can have whilst flying, whilst doling out lots of useless leaflets on unit consumption.

It might be worth pointing out that thats to the fat bloated PM who has brought about this recession many people will be unable to afford their flights any more.

This is an excuse for tax rises and nothing else.

3 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

It worked for the Soviet Union.
In typical nu-labour style this idea first floated a few months back with some idiot sandal muncher bleating on about it on the radio, there was not much public reaction ( since it was plainly absurd ) so now it's on to phase two ( "there are no plans to proceed...") , by next year it will be a done deal.

On the other hand, would they set up a Travel Permit Trading Scam, oops Scheme ? That would allow us to buy the travel rights of junkies and single mums.

Fidothedog said...

Spot on, a scam to grab more taxes off of the plebs whilst the soviet labour elite travel tax free.

Oliver said...

Please, get this government and all their cronies out.