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Hazel "Red Squirrel" Blears - PC Britain.

In a hard hitting speech, to be made in the last week of February, the Communities Secretary will suggest that the pendulum has "swung too far" in favour of not offending minorities.

Her remarks will be seen as a thinly veiled attack on Harriet Harman, the Commons leader, who has made a series of left wing speeches and announcements in recent months about equal rights for minorities.
So the pendulum has swung too far has it? Well who's fault is that I wonder. For years the righteous of New Labour have created that very PC attitude that Hazel is now complaining about.

This is the latest bandwagon for Blears to jump on, anyone remember this one?...
Hazel Blears has stated that teams of state officials will turn up each morning and ensure that the lazy and indolent get out of their warm beds and go off to work of a morning. Yet more state nannery from New Labour.
Before that she laid into blogs.

But back to the red pelted one:
Ms Harman has faced accusations of manoeuvring herself for the leadership if Labour loses the next election.
It comes after a community nurse, Caroline Petrie, was suspended from after offering to pray for a patient. The story led to widespread criticism of her employer, North Somerset Primary Care Trust, who later offered Mrs Petrie her job back.
Ms Blears, who last week called on jostling cabinet minsters to "get a grip", will say that public policy-makers are too anxious about offending people and need to be more robust in their approach.
She will point to a number of judgements recently which she feels were spurned by an overzealous commitment to political correctness.
All sounds good but could this have more to do with the freefall dive in popularity of New Labour, people being sick to the back teeth of being told they are all racists. Maybe the fact that the BNP are on the rise and Hazel wants to put across that Labour are with the "common folk."
A text of her speech, released to this paper, said: "This country is proud of our tradition of fair play and good manners, welcoming of diversity, tolerant of others. This is a great strength.
Tolerant of others? Really well your pal the Home Sec. was not very tolerant of free speech a few weeks back when she barred Dutch MP Geert Wilders from the UK. But as you say Hazel, free speech for one an all to quote yourself:
“It was good. Everyone expressed their views and were free to say what they felt.”
I noticed you did not protest his removal from the UK, so maybe your words are just noise without any meaning? She carries on...
"But the pendulum has swung too far. It seems that every week we hear a new story – the nurse suspended because she offered to pray for a patient, the school banning Christmas decorations, the town hall reluctant to fly the Union flag – about people getting into a panic because someone, somewhere, might get offended.
Now Hazel gets it wrong here, its not that they might get offended but that they do get offended. Just look at the number of cases of people claiming compensation for perceived racism, irate moslems suing over handling alcohol being one of many example. Much of the reaction by schools and other parts of state apparatus is that they do not want to be taken to court.

The many frivolous case brought by the Human Rights Act. 
"Worse, at times leaders have been reluctant to challenge absolutely unacceptable behaviour – forced marriage, female genital mutilation, or homophobia – because they are concerned about upsetting people's cultural sensitivities.
"This flies in the face of another of our traditions – open debate, rational inquiry, and plain old common sense.
Now you would not be talking about the moslem community there Hazel? Well again you pandered to them and what is a more telling political correctness phrase than anti Islamic activity.
"We would do well to be a little less anxious and a little more robust."
Ms Blears will say that minority beliefs and traditions should not go unchallenged in Britain when they break the law or harm others.
"There is a line when respect for other cultures is crossed and a universal morality should kick in."
Right so getting back to Geert Wilders, oh well, maybe not as he is barred from the UK due to his views been seen as offensive by moslem car crashing peers.

Oh the photo at the top was from here, when the red squirrel was talking about campaigning being like sex.


2 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

As I will be forever nihilistic about anything the tiny ginger Muppet has to espouse I don't really give a damn.

Although even the numb nuts at new labour H.Q. have seemingly now realised that other than their own politically correct and over scrutinised public services, if you call somebody a "Racist" these days they don't give a damn anymore.
It used to mean something genuine. But now it's just banded around wildly at anybody whom doesn't readily conform to New Labour scripture. Therefore, they've even managed to render their beloved ace in the pack devoid of any real sinister menace.

You'd think I may care....but as Hazel has already pointed out at an earlier date - I genuinely don't give a flying fuck anymore about anything New Labour may have to tell me.

Fidothedog said...

Yep the race chant has worn a bit thin over the last 12 years.