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Jacqui Smith bovine faced Home Sec. & guilty of Benefits theft.

I said here, that news has broken of an expenses fiddle involving the pea brained, dope smoking, kebab eating, bovine faced, slack jawed, fat arsed Home Sec. one Jacqui Smith.

This woman has taken over £100,000 of State benefits on false pretences while working as Home Secretary for HM Govt. If you see her, do not approach her - she never goes anywhere without her minders.

Known to have a taste for kebabs she may well be seen with a police escort and is known to dislike walking the streets at night.

Instead, ring the number of the new Benefit Fraud Reporting Hotline - and do the taxpayer a good turn !


2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

This is a heaven sent opportunity for BluLab to get the Home Sec to resign. I doubt if they'll take it though. People in glasshouses......

Fidothedog said...

Good as the longer she stays the more abuse I can heap on her bovine kebab eating face.