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Jacqui Smith - Reported by the neighbours.

On dear it is not looking very good for the slack jawed, bovine faced kebab muching Home Sec. Jacqui Smith as the Timesonline reports.
John Lyon, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, said yesterday that he had accepted a complaint involving information from Ms Smith's London neighbours, who contacted David Cameron's office. Last week Mr Lyon turned down two earlier requests.

The decision to look into Ms Smith's housing arrangements follow allegations by a couple who live in the same street, Dominic Taplin, a businessman who used to be co-owner of the London nightclubs Abigail's Party and Legends, and his wife Jessica, a manager for a charity. They live four doors from Ms Smith and say that she is often there for as few as two nights a week and spends little time there during the long parliamentary recesses.
The fact that she has been reported is joy indeed, she part of a snooper state government, obsessed with watching our lives, has herself been reported by the citizens for breaking the rules.

Here in the UK we have adverts aimed at people claiming benefits and who are breaking the rules. These adverts state that they get calls on their "hotline" from fellow citizens. 

Well if its good enough for citizens to report the chap who is doing a spot of window cleaning on the side, then its good enough for a greedy Home Sec. to also be reported, she who should be setting a proper example to the plebs and proles.

There have been many stories of state officials watching us, employing folk to watch their fellow citizens.

That Jacqui the head of the New Labour thought police, head of the database obsessed fuckwits, who has encouraged this shop thy neighbour culture to be caught is bliss indeed.

She can squirm, spin and weasel like a benefits thief caught and hauled in for an interview only to be presented with video evidence of their window cleaning. Hell she can call in favours and even if she is cleared in some back door deal it matters not a jot.

Our Jacqui can then stand there an claim like some chav from the local council sink estate up before the justice that it was all a mistake, few -if any- will believe her.

As she has a few police officers stationed outside her abode(s)  - where ever that may be - it may be that the police who guard her can cast some light as to where our lardy kebab munching Home Sec. is sleeping at night?

After all as she keeps saying with regards the state snooping into our lives: 
"If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear...."

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