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New Labour filth:Tough on victims of crime, tough on the causes of victims of crime.

This is how things are in the UK under the communist scum of New Labour. If you pay your taxes then don't expect protection from the lawbreakers, don't expect action on crime and should you with hold taxes from the state you become the criminal.

A grandfather who has been the victim of nearly 250 crimes since a traveller camp was opened next to his home is facing jail after refusing to pay his council tax for nine years.

Bruce Charter says life has been 'not worth living' since the council set up the 16 pitches in 1997 without informing him in advance.

Since then he has recorded 249 offences - including at one point an average of three burglaries a week.

With his five-bedroom Band D home left worthless, he started withholding council tax payments in 2000. He owes £9,495.

Mr Charter, a roofer, is being taken to court after ignoring 172 letters from bailiffs. Yesterday he vowed that he would 'serve time' before settling the debt.

'It's like a war zone,' said the 62-year-old, who lives in Earith, Cambridgeshire, with his partner, Rita Redfern, 64. 'We don't enjoy our lives - they've been made a misery at best and a living hell at worst.

'Our home is now our prison, so if they want to send me to jail, so be it. I will never pay. I'm not a law-breaker and I'm not fiddling my benefit, yet they treat me like dirt and ignore my rights.'
The New Labour state, tough on householders whilst soft on Labour voting pikey filth.

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