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Lets urge Labour MP's to give up their pensions.

From the Metro an a hat tip to English rose for the pic.
Chancellor Alistair Darling has urged failed banking boss Sir Fred Goodwin to give up his £650,000 pension - threatening legal action if he fails to act voluntarily to end the controversy.
The Treasury has been angered by the revelation that the former chief of Royal Bank of Scotland, which has announced a UK record £24.1 billion annual loss, is already benefiting from his £16 million pension pot even though he is only 50.

The Chancellor said: "You cannot justify these excesses, especially when you have got such a failure of this magnitude.
Oh really so what about others who provide a piss poor service, should we also ask them to remove their pensions - especially if it is being funded by the taxpayers?

Why not for example ask MP's of the Labour party who in 12 years have failed: who failed to follow through on election pledges on a vote over the Lisbon treaty. Who fail to balance to books of UK Plc, who fail to protect pensions, who failed on protecting jobs, failed on crime, immigration.

Who encouraged people to borrow, told them that boom and bust had ended, said their house prices would be stable and boy were they wrong on that one.

Who have increased the overall level of tax, swamped business in paperwork, cut in real terms the value of the services we now pay more for.

Who sold off our gold reserves, took us into badly thought out wars based on dubious sexed up dossiers, provided the troops with slum housing and second rate equipment.

Who have asset stripped this land for their or their croneys gain, run down the travel network whilst adding to the costs through incompetence and badly planned green policies; whilst hitting the motorist with more and ever rising taxes.

So yes, lets remove the pensions of the inept, the wasters but we start with the real wasters first. Over to badger haired sockpuppet Darling.

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Yeeeeeeees please. Utter, corrupt cretins and wreckers. The 24 billion pissed up against the wall by Goodwin is peanuts to the trillions lost by Labour.

Fidothedog said...

Just so true, why should they call for pensions to be axed from merchant wankers whilst doing a worse job themselves?